The Poor Man's Guide to
Joining the Rural Upper Classes




Have you ever been to the countryside and spotted a strangely carefree, slightly tweedy species going about its business in the woods, fields and country inns?   If so, you have been lucky enough to encounter a member of the Rural Upper Class.   And (you will be interested to note) they are in fact a subspecies of the human raceÖ  

They actually have a rather good time.   They shoot things and eat them, they drink a lot and they donít do a great deal of work.   Admittedly, copulation is a bit thin on the ground, but then you canít have everything.   The good news is that now you can join them as this little guide will show you how to blend in seamlessly at a fraction of the cost of a large country estate, a mad brother in the church and a seat in the House of Lords




45 pages, 25 illustrations.

This book is currently without a publisher due to the original publisher going out of business.





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