Kayak Building Guide



  Whilst living in Sweden, I became interested in the wooden kayak that my Norwegian friend Steinar was building in his basement.   However, it wasn't until we launched his craft that I discovered that kayaking was rather a pleasant experience and I decided to build one for myself.   Steinar, who has built many kayaks before, showed me what to do and my very own strip built kayak began to take shape.
Steinar is an expert kayak builder and has an endless supply of simple but ingenious techniques to aid the dark art of turning a pile of sticks into a stable and beautiful craft.   It wasn't long before we decided to collaborate to produce a guide to building kayaks, under the company High Sea Kayaks.   This guide featured Steinar's many years of expertise and my design, text and illustrations and guides the reader through every stage of the building process.
The book covers all aspects
of strip building, from building the jig and the forms, information about tools and materials, cutting strips, construction schedules, working the epoxy, and invaluable information about constructing hatches, bulkheads, adjustable footrests and cockpit surrounds.   As such, it fills a large gap in the market.   We also developed an ingenious way of producing plans - in the shape of a number of templates which can be drawn onto board and then set up on a simple jig to form the foundation on which the kayak is built.

For more information, see www.highseakayaks.com


Steinar and I launch a new kayak:



We currently self publish the kayak guide, in A4 format, with over 30 illustrations and photographs.

design, content & layout John Parry