It'll Be Fine
[a book about an epic adventure]





For some reason, I decided it would be an absolutely brilliant idea to buy an ancient Volvo for 100, rope in my long-suffering friend Lisa Sanford to form "Team Pear" (the shape of things to come) and drive 4,500 miles from London to Mali.   This was, of course, as part of the Plymouth-Dakar Rally and the over indulgence on the ferry to France, African bureaucracy, a few brushes with the law, crossing the Sahara Desert and flattening small rodents in the Sahel made for an excellent adventure and a brilliant book.




And yes, we did survive... 
But did our stash of Garibaldi biscuits?
4,500 miles on, we gave our Volvo to an orphanage in Mali.  
Somewhere in Bamako is our Volvo, driving around full of orphans.




60,000 words, front cover illustration.

This book is currently without a publisher due to the original publisher going out of business.
The writing style is similar to that of
Tony Hawks (Playing the Moldovans at Tennis,
Round Ireland With a Fridge, etc.).


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