Hand Hygiene system





In 2005 I secured a 6 month contract with BioCare Systems Limited, an innovations company that had been set up specifically to develop a hand hygiene monitoring system for the NHS and private care organisations.

Essentially, the system comprised of a badge, which was worn on the nurse/carer/doctor's belt.   After a set interval (nominally around 40 minutes) a green light on the badge was extinguished and replaced with an amber light.   10 more minutes and the amber light was replaced by red.   The only way to reset the badge to green was to wash one's hands - using a requisite measure of soap, water and paper towels whilst being present at the basin for a preset minimum amount of time.

Miniaturised badge

PIR sender unit

Water pressure monitor with acoustic insulation and integrated bleed valve

Monitoring and recording unit

Combined & shielded infra-red sender/receiver

Within the 6 months we successfully developed and duplicated all the required components, as well as carrying out several trials in a care environment.



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