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Editor, Bombadil Publishing AB, Gyttorp, Sweden

I moved to Sweden and worked for a youth publishing company in Gyttorp.   I was a mentor and an editor, but I also ran the International Office for a while, before moving to a more creative role, taking responsibility for such projects as viral internet marketing campaigns and promotional posters.   My job also involved photography and videography.   Whilst in this role, I successfully negotiated a book deal with the UN through the British Council in Geneva, and with the World Meteorological Organisation.

Prototype Engineer, BioCare Systems Limited, Suffolk, UK

I made a substantial contribution to a short-term DTI funded project; I was instrumental in the development of an integrated hand hygiene monitoring system in the lab and undertook trialling on site.  I had overall responsibility for writing and presenting extensive reports and other associated documents.


Along with Steinar Gustavsen, I developed, wrote and illustrated a guide to strip building kayaks, which is marketed on the internet.   We also developed a innovative new way of designing kayak plans as a series of form kits.

Property Manager, Austin D'Arcy, Hammersmith, London

I moved to London from Suffolk and held responsibility for managing the maintenance of around 300 rental properties, which involved liaising with landlords, contractors and tenants to keep properties in good order and up to legal habitable standards.


I am conversant with Windows and Mac operating systems (and to a lesser degree, Linux). I am familiar with all aspects of the publishing industry and I have a great deal of experience working in customer facing roles in a variety of fields.   I have an aptitude for design, illustration and writing.

I am a published author and an avid kayaker. I enjoy international travel, meeting new people and learning new solutions to old problems.   I am currently taking on a range of temporary assignments because I am committed to moving back to Sweden which is a country whose people and scenery I greatly appreciate.

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