Auto-fill Bath



  Necessity is the mother of invention.   Having lived in two consecutive houses where it was impossible to run a bath full of hot water due to the limitations of the existing hot water systems, I decided to simplify things.   My concept was:   Press one switch to fill the bath, then press another to empty it.   The system was designed to be retrofittable to any existing UK bath and incorporated a secondary system to add bubble bath at the point of filling.

Developing the concept, the entire system can be computer controlled and operated via timer, or even programmed to respond to a mobile phone call, so that operation can be controlled remotely.   Various safety systems were built in to prevent flooding and other potential problems.





Prototype combined warm water inlet, soap dispenser inlet and standard bore (overflow) outlet, designed to be retrofitted to a standard UK bath



Prototype automated bath outlet,
 with dual solenoid operated pop-up plug



  The advanced stage of design and prototype construction led to a contract with BioCare Systems where I played a pivotal role in the development and trialing of their hand hygiene system.  

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