A Background



  John Parry was born in Ipswich, Suffolk and is still not dead.   In 2002, he moved in next door to the nuclear power station at Sizewell, a stage that many of his friends regard as the beginning of the end.

Whilst working in a local shop for local people, he developed a taste for the ridiculous, selling on eBay first a single chocolate chip muffin (85 pence) and then a "make your own Virgin Mary toast kit" (£3.07).   The latter included a piece of toast (lacquered for durability), a marker pen and a sheet of paper depicting the toast that Diane Duyser successfully sold and a list of casinos who may (or may not) have been interested in purchasing said snack.   Mrs Duyser's toast fetched $28,000, so the potential profit margin was huge.

In 2005, he took a post as a prototype engineer with BioCare Systems Ltd and had a pivotal role in the development of a hand hygiene system.   With that contract over, he moved to London, worked for an estate agent and wrote The Savvy Student's Guide to Living in a Shared House, whilst continuing to work on The Circle, which had now evolved from a film script to a book, mostly because it was probably going to be easier to sell the bloomin' thing in that format.   In between times, he experimented with stop-motion animation.   Further periods moonlighting as an audio transcriber and an inventory clerk followed.

Having survived unscathed in London for a few years, he grew foolhardy and decided to participate in the Plymouth-Dakar Rally with his long-suffering friend Lisa Sanford.   After just about managing to survive the 4,500 mile journey from London to Bamako (via the Sahara desert) he swapped the sunny climes of England for the surprisingly sunny, but unsurprisingly snowy climes of Sweden.   Here he worked for Bombadil publishing on a huge variety of projects, including the video shorts and successfully stepped outside his own sphere of expertise, managing to secure a book deals with the UN through the British Council in Geneva, and with the World Meteorological Organisation.

A love of kayaking ensued and he entered into partnership with Steinar Gustavsen to write, design and publish a guide to building kayaks

In the autumn of 2009, Bombadil Publishing went the way of many ambitious and over-optimistic new startup companies and could no longer balance the books and pay for the dream.   The artistic talent behind the business could do no more and dispersed, leaving a rudderless management that quietly sank in a mire of bad debt.

Despite being left out of pocket by the rather uncoordinated collapse of Bombadil, John retains a love of the space and tranquility that is everywhere in the relative wilderness of Sweden and his love of literature and writing is as strong as ever.   Bombadil published two of his titles (It'll Be Fine and The Savvy Student's Guide to Living in a Shared House) but as the company was severely hampered by the lack of a marketing strategy, sales beyond a few thousand never materialised.

In 2011, John moved back to Sweden, actually learned Swedish and considered his next move, which turned out to be developing his metal working skills to a level where they complimented his existing carpentry expertise, and developing a mobile sauna prototype.   After a four month stint driving an overland truck all over South America, he returned to Sweden, thoroughly invigorated and with one idea on his mind, to build on the considerable work that had gone into the mobile sauna prototype, form the company Bastu På Vag AB and develop a commercially viable, mass produced mobile sauna.

International travel (preferably of the unplanned and slightly dangerous variety) will always be on the cards though, and ultimately his aim is to be able to make a living from writing his quirky and rather unconventional books.   To this end, he is actively seeking a new publisher and commissions for more artistic projects, such as the video shorts, animation and maybe even the boghorn.



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